NOBIM is a professional forum for image analysis and machine learning. 

NOBIM covers all topics in image processing and machine learning and creates a meeting place between those who develop scientific methods and those who are looking for solutions for specific problems. The association works to promote development in the subject through information activities and conferences. We have close contact with Nordic sister organizations and participate in large, international forums such as IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition).

Our membership currently numbers around 145 personal members and 25 corporate members. This covers a wide range from academic environments, via research and development to industry, sales and application applications. 

To contact the board, send an email to: styret@nobim.no

The board that was elected at the general meeting on 11 March 2024 is as follows: 

Per-Arne Andersen

Chairman (2023-2025)
Associate Professor, UiA, Kristiansand

Rashmi Gupta

Treasurer (2023-2025)
Associate Professor, Kristiania University College, Oslo

Kristoffer Wickstrøm

Board member (2024-2026)
Associate Professor, UiT, Tromsø

Karl Skretting

Board member (2023-2025)
Associate Professor, UiS, Stavanger

Hilda Deborah

Board member (2024-2026)
Senior Researcher, NTNU, Gjøvik

Olav Brautaset

Board member (2024-2026)
Senior Researcher, NR, Oslo

Maged Helmy

Board member (2023-2025)
Associate Professor, USN, Kongsberg

Rebekka Olsson Omslandseter

Board member (2024-2026)
Researcher, UiA, Kristiansand